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Domain Name Tactics Every Business Should Follow
By Robert S Benwell
When you're starting a business, you want to make sure that you register all the names that are out there under the banner of your brand. You may not know this, but there are a lot of people that seek out registration points to make a profit later on.

How Valuable Are Expired Domain Names?
By Chris Melchor
The domain name business is a continually growing one, and there are many areas where it has proved to be lucrative, like domain auctioning, and domain monetizing through advertising. Another part of the domain name industry, expired domains, has also proved to be very fulfilling if it has the right characteristics - value and traffic. This is why many experts in the domain business seek out these type of domain names.

Introduction to Domain Reselling
By Martin Callahan
So you've obtained a domain and you'd like to make money via that domain. One way, to begin with, is the method of domain reselling. What this means is this: once you have acquired a domain through a registrar, you may choose to sell it.

Make A Name With Google
By Ken McKay
The domain name of a website is just one of the many factors used by search engines to position the website in search results. But when every website owner strives to be on page one of Google, choosing a good domain name is another opportunity to score points.

Why Domain Age Matters
By S. Buendia
Domain age can affect SEO. With this in mind, a person should try and buy a domain before trying to build one. A person can find cheap domains for sale that have aged, and age is one of those things that a website cannot fake. Therefore, it makes sense to find an old domain and use that to generate traffic.


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